Fruit & nut choc truffles

Fruit & nut choc truffles

Who doesn’t love a chocolate ‘moment'? These balls of deliciousness are perfect for that chocolate treat - but with minimal sugar (about 3g per truffle from natural sugars), and with healthy fats from the linseed and almonds they’re actually good for you! They’re also packed with fibre supporting a healthy gut.

If you need extra sweetness you can double the maple syrup - but taste the mixture first - the sultanas add a lot of sweetness too.

My favourite time of day to indulge is after lunch - for me it’s the perfect ‘dessert’. These bundle of nutty/fruity goodness hit the spot!

When do you like a chocolate ‘hit’!?!

All you need (for 12):

20g ground linseed (a coffee grinder works perfectly!)

30g ground almonds

15g cocoa powder

30g almond butter (I used smooth but crunchy would be good too)

20g melted coconut oil

30g sultanas

30g flaked almonds

1 tbsp maple syrup

Flavourings of choice: 1 tsp vanilla essence/1 tsp cinnamon

To decorate: desiccated coconut or cocoa powder

All you do:

Mix all the ingredients together. If needed leave them to harden up for a few minutes;

Taking small amounts of the mixture roll into ‘truffle’ sized balls;

Roll in coconut or cocoa powder


These are best kept in the fridge…

Each truffle - approx 85 Cal (3g sugar)

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