Speedy ginger coconut chicken

Speedy ginger coconut chicken

We all have so many balls in the air. Managing family, work and everything else that life hits us with can be exhausting - especially if you are also dealing with the Menopause and struggling with night sweats / hot flushes / insomnia or any of the other symptoms which many experience. This is a great recipe for those days when you're almost too tired to care! Before you dial up deliveroo stop off at the supermarket on the way home and you can rustle his up in minutes.. If you're at home already just get creative with whatever veg you have to hand.

Ginger coconut chicken - A quick easy meal to have dinner on the table in 20 mins.

All you need (for 2 Adults)

200g cubed chicken breast

70g cashews

1/2 red pepper sliced

120g sugar snap peas, cut in half

100-150g swiss chard, stalk and leaves sliced

Large knob fresh ginger finely chopped

1 red chilli seeded and finely sliced

2 garlic cloves finely sliced

1/2 tin coconut milk

1/2 bunch coriander, chopped

Coconut oil

Salt and pepper

All you do:

1. Heat a large frying pan / wok on a med/high heat until hot;

2. Melt a large dollop of coconut oil and stir-fry the chicken for 2-3 minutes; Add the chopped garlic, chilli and ginger and continue to stir fry until the garlic has taken on some colour;

3. Add the chopped chard stalks and continue stir frying for 2-3 minutes then add the cashew nuts, the red pepper, the sugar snaps, the chard leaves and the coconut milk;

4. Simmer for a few minutes until the meat is cooked through and vegetables are cooked to your liking. You can add extra coconut milk or chicken stock if you want more sauce. Sprinkle with the chopped coriander and season to taste with salt and pepper;

5. I served with rice noodles which were soaking in a bowl of boiling water whilst I cooked the dish.

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